As a photographer, I have always gravitated towards photographing people.

It is the unscripted, unexpected moments that pass by so quickly that make it all so interesting - a smirk, a smile, a good belly laugh, or a fleeting facial expression - these are the quirky realities that I live to capture on camera.

About the photographer:

I am a lifestyle photographer who shoots in a variety of styles; I am especially fond of emotive portraiture and dramatic light.

I am an East Coast native, though I lived in San Francisco for 15 years before moving back here.

I speak Spanish and travels as often as I can, which is must less that I now have kids. I lived in Sevilla, Spain during 1996 and in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2007/2008.

I worked for National Geographic photographer
Ed Kashi, at Wired Magazine, and for The Argentimes newspaper in Buenos Aires.